Wheres Yours?


StreetHart is A Black-owned Streetwear Activewear Brand Curated by Monae Aliyah out of Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island New York

Our mission is to motivate the youth of minoric communities to get active by advocating for themselves and fighting for what they believe to be their divine right. We believe that in standing by your truth one will always find their way down the path of ultimate wealth and total fulfillment.

StreetHart is the movement of realizing that broke is a state of mind and we are rich where ever we stand. Money will find us wherever we are once we’ve taken the time to find ourselves.

To have StreetHart is to have the unmitigated gall to go against the societal norms of the behavior patterns typically expected of a person striving for financial freedom.

It’s finding your own path, creating your own journey and knowing that it’ll ultimately lead you to your own destination—whether or not anyone else was following behind.

StreetHart is Everywhere

It’s in all of us

The Question is, Where’s Yours?